artists bloc perfomance mayworks


Performance at La Sala Rossa, Freda Guttman‘s birthday party and fundraiser for the IWC (March)

Performance and panel discussion animated by the artists’ bloc as part of the Howl Festival of Art + Activism (April)

Mayworks! festival producing, performance and radio interviews given by the artists’ bloc with Radio Centre-Ville (May)

performances by artists’ bloc members in collaboration with La Pocha Nostra and women of Idle No More as part of ‘a pan-Indigenous anti-manifesto’ performance and public intervention given in Square Viger as part of the Encuentro festival and conference,;

May 11 Mayworks festival, performance (centre CEDA)

November 23 Launch event for the Temporary Foreign Workers’ Association, performance (Bar Gallego)

November 29 Art & activism in migrant justice struggles, workshop offered with Engrenage Rouage Noir (centre CEDA)